ISS Lunar Transit
Taken by Szabolcs Nagy on February 10, 2019 @ London
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Brief summary
An opportunity popped up in Calsky, a possible chance for a lunar transit. It was predicted roughly 30mins before sunset, so I did not have too high expectations about the final result. Moon was at 41° above horizon at the time of transit.

Calsky only show the centreline, ISS Detector app show the edges too. Edges I mean when ISS passes close to the edge of lunar disk. This way I could roughly find the place from where ISS wasnt only in front of the lunar disk, instead a bit of both. But I was only hoping for a good outcome, now looking back it couldnt be any better than this!

I had doubts to even have clear sky, clouds were heading toward east leaving nice clear skies behind - but the question was if it clears up in time or not.
It did at the right time, so I could capture the transit which I only saw from the corner of my eyes whilst :) When I watched the recorded video I was jolly happy 😄

Imaging and processing
I took a high frame rate video (around 120fps) with the equipment below. Once I finished recording, I ran the video through a software called PIPP to break it down into individual frames. I improved the frames of the transit in Lightroom and then stringed them back into an animation in Photoshop. This is not the real speed of the transit, it happened in a blink of an eye!

More to come and all materials will eventually land on my website (, please visit of you are interested in manual ISS imaging.
10/02/2019 16:43
London, UK
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Hi Szabolcs,
A really astounding performance !
Posted by sweiller 2019-02-18 07:29:37
45 thumbs up
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